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Dymlos (*AsNodt) [Druid]   SC Ladder #388/44


Level 56 Experience 1498770 (23%)
Strength 50 Life 406/1516
Dexterity 78 Mana 783/575
Vitality 49 Inventory Gold 85109
Energy 25 Stash Gold 0
Free stat points 158 Signets eaten 0
Monsters killed 8889 Character deaths 13
Bosses killed 0 Time spent 04:51:02
Boss first kills 0 Charms completion ?%


Nature 1Harvest 8Barkskin Werebear 25Werebear Morph 2Rend 1Bestial Potency 1Primal Dominance 1Idol of Scosglen 1Ancestral Protection 1Hunger Hunter 1Steady Shot 1Cascade 1Erupting Strike 1Heartseeker 6Bear Companion
8Free skill points


Name Type Location
Greater Healing Potion [8x]
Potion Belt
Horadric Cube
Horadric Cube Inventory
Io Rune
Rune Inventory
Shael Rune
Rune Inventory
Flawless Diamond
Gem Inventory
Eld Rune
Rune Inventory
Flawless Skull
Gem Inventory
Light Belt (1)
Light Belt (1) Inventory
Amulet Inventory
Horadric Malus
Horadric Malus Inventory
Jewel Inventory
Jewel Inventory
Jewel Inventory
A Jade Figurine
A Jade Figurine Inventory
Belt (1)
Belt (1) Inventory
Flawless Sapphire
Gem Inventory
Ring Inventory
Perfect Amethyst
Gem Inventory
Rejuvenation Potion
Potion Inventory
Sunstone of the Twin Seas
Charm Inventory
Perfect Turquoise
Gem Inventory
Onyx Inventory
Flawless Onyx
Gem Inventory
Super Mana Potion
Potion Inventory
Oil of Craft
Oil Inventory
Heavy Boots (1)
Heavy Boots (1) Mercenary
Chain Gloves (1)
Chain Gloves (1) Mercenary
Bone Helm (1) Mercenary
Amulet Mercenary
Crystal Sword (2)
Crystal Sword (2) [eth] Mercenary
Queen of Glass
Ancient Armor (2) Mercenary
Plated Belt (1)
Plated Belt (1) Mercenary
Ancient Armor (1)
Ancient Armor (1) Stash
Earth Song
Hawk Helm (1) Stash
Skull Cap (1) Stash
Short Staff (1) Stash
Helm (1) Stash
Thul Container (10) [2x]
Rune Container Stash
Tal Container (07) [1x]
Rune Container Stash
Eld Container (02) [6x]
Rune Container Stash
Fal Container (19) [1x]
Rune Container Stash
Eth Container (05) [2x]
Rune Container Stash
Ith Container (06) [3x]
Rune Container Stash
Ral Container (08) [3x]
Rune Container Stash
El Container (01) [7x]
Rune Container Stash
Ort Container (09) [3x]
Rune Container Stash
Tir Container (03) [8x]
Rune Container Stash
Intimidating Shrine (10)
Shrine Stash
Shael Container (13) [1x]
Rune Container Stash
Nef Container (04) [2x]
Rune Container Stash
Arcane Shards (1)
Arcane Shards (1) Stash
Catalyst of Disenchantment
Catalyst Stash
Arcane Crystal
Arcane Crystal Stash
Mark of Infusion
Mark of Infusion Stash
Topaz Stash
Ruby Stash
Flawless Topaz
Gem Stash
Flawless Sapphire
Gem Stash
Flawless Ruby
Gem Stash
Flawless Turquoise
Gem Stash
Diamond Stash
Flawless Skull
Gem Stash
Onyx Stash
Rainbow Stone
Rainbow Stone Stash
Topaz Cluster [2x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Sapphire Cluster [1x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Ruby Cluster [4x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Amethyst Cluster [2x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Amber Cluster [2x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Turquoise Cluster [1x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Diamond Cluster [2x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Emerald Cluster [3x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Skull Cluster [1x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Bloodstone Cluster [2x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Onyx Cluster [2x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Rainbow Stone Cluster [1x]
Gem Cluster Stash

Stats from gear - experimental

All Skills / Class Skills40
Maximum Skill / Experience05%
Life / Mana stolen per Hit0%0%
Life / Mana after each Kill03
Life / Mana on Striking00%
Life / Mana on Attack02%
Regenerate Life / Mana10/s0%
Cold Resistance / Max69%0%
Fire Resistance / Max55%0%
Lightning Resistance / Max61%0%
Poison Resistance / Max30%0%
Magic / Physical Resistance0%0%
Phys / Ele Damage Reduced00
Poison / Curse length reduction0%0%
Cold Absorb00%
Fire Absorb00%
Lightning Absorb00%
Magic Find / Gold Find0%3%
Movement Speed / Light Radius20%0
wIAS / gIAS0%15%
FHR / FBR15%15%
TCD / EWD0%0%
Attack Rating00%
Crushing Blow / Deadly Strike0%0%
Chance to Avoid Damage0%
Slow Target / Attacker0%0%
Cold Damage0
Fire Damage0
Lightning Damage0
Magic Damage0
Cold Spell Damage / Pierce5%11%
Fire Spell Damage / Pierce5%11%
Lightning Spell Damage / Pierce5%11%
Poison Spell Damage / Pierce5%6%
P/M Spell Dam. / Poison Skill Dur.15%0%
Summoned Minion Life / Damage0%0%
Summoned Minion Resistances / AR0%0%

Credits: Big thanks to Kambala, Somnus, ryunp and all testers