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WojtekReturn (*BigAnxious) [Druid]   HC Ladder #672/92


Level 11 Experience 55359 (94%)
Strength 30 Life 373/348
Dexterity 20 Mana 190/140
Vitality 30 Inventory Gold 6545
Energy 30 Stash Gold 0
Free stat points 25 Signets eaten 0
Monsters killed 672 Character deaths 0
Bosses killed 0 Time spent 00:47:18
Boss first kills 0 Charms completion ?%


Nature 3Harvest 6Infected Roots 1Barkskin Mastery 1Meditation
0Free skill points


Name Type Location
Light Healing Potion
Potion Belt
Minor Healing Potion [4x]
Potion Belt
Light Mana Potion [2x]
Potion Belt
Healing Potion
Potion Belt
Horadric Cube
Horadric Cube Inventory
Eld Rune [2x]
Rune Inventory
Light Healing Potion [3x]
Potion Inventory
Mana Potion [5x]
Potion Inventory
Light Mana Potion [2x]
Potion Inventory
Healing Potion [3x]
Potion Inventory
Minor Mana Potion [4x]
Potion Inventory
Minor Healing Potion [6x]
Potion Inventory
Tir Rune
Rune Inventory
El Rune [2x]
Rune Inventory
Heavy Boots (1)
Heavy Boots (1) Mercenary
Morion (1)
Morion (1) Mercenary
Amulet Mercenary
Superior Hunter's Bow (1)
Superior Hunter's Bow (1) Mercenary
Superior Quilted Armor (1)
Superior Quilted Armor (1) [eth] Mercenary
Sash (1)
Sash (1) Mercenary

Stats from gear - experimental

All Skills / Class Skills00
Maximum Skill / Experience03%
Life / Mana stolen per Hit0%0%
Life / Mana after each Kill24
Life / Mana on Striking00%
Life / Mana on Attack00%
Regenerate Life / Mana0/s0%
Cold Resistance / Max8%0%
Fire Resistance / Max26%0%
Lightning Resistance / Max0%0%
Poison Resistance / Max0%0%
Magic / Physical Resistance0%1%
Phys / Ele Damage Reduced00
Poison / Curse length reduction0%0%
Cold Absorb00%
Fire Absorb00%
Lightning Absorb00%
Magic Find / Gold Find0%0%
Movement Speed / Light Radius15%0
wIAS / gIAS0%0%
FHR / FBR0%0%
TCD / EWD0%0%
Attack Rating00%
Crushing Blow / Deadly Strike0%0%
Chance to Avoid Damage0%
Slow Target / Attacker0%0%
Cold Damage0
Fire Damage0
Lightning Damage0
Magic Damage0
Cold Spell Damage / Pierce0%0%
Fire Spell Damage / Pierce0%0%
Lightning Spell Damage / Pierce0%0%
Poison Spell Damage / Pierce0%0%
P/M Spell Dam. / Poison Skill Dur.0%0%
Summoned Minion Life / Damage0%4%
Summoned Minion Resistances / AR0%0%

Credits: Big thanks to Kambala, Somnus, ryunp and all testers