Median XL - HC trade

Use /hc command in game to manage need/offer lists and mules
Timestamp User Type Text
2021-03-09 19:13:08idegenneedHide of the Basilisk, 5% PR scroll and Void charm
2021-03-06 12:17:50chaostylhcneedLodestone
2021-03-03 19:58:41chaostylhcneedLorekeeper
2021-03-01 19:55:43nacneedShield of Hakan II
2021-02-18 11:03:11idegenneedYaerius set and 2 emp glory. paying in TG
2021-01-29 05:53:46ownyaneedSorc Items for Fire Build
2021-01-28 09:23:13ceruleanneedvaetia wall
2021-01-25 23:48:02mistervezzneedWitchHunter Set
2021-01-24 08:13:51ceruleanneedvaetias wall